Walk the Talk

Refugees who have had to flee their homes can walk a long way. Many Rohingya refugees walked 60 km to Bangladesh. Some children walk more than 5 km per day to go to school.

Stand in their shoes. Let’s walk the talk.

Set a goal for yourself or your team - select a course, walk to school or work, or perhaps around a nearby park. Choose the number of steps or kilometres you want to walk over 5 days. Make it a real challenge! Create your own fundraising page as you register and ask your friends and family to support and sponsor you.

You do not have to walk - why not swim or cycle a distance instead?! Set a goal and go for it! 

All you need to know in the downloadable Kete below.

New for 2019, register today to ‘Walk the Talk’ with refugees.

Choose your own dates before the end of September, or go for Saturday 10 August – Friday 16 August.


All I need to know, where is the money going, recipes etc.

Ko te Kete - all you need to know about the challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more? Check out our Kete, it can be downloaded above. It’s got resources for Schools, where the money raised is going, how to fundraise, recipes if you are doing the food challenge. It's full of useful information.

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